Woman power at Swiss Post IT

At Swiss Post IT we’re all ready for women power in IT

There’s still a lack of women in the IT and technology sectors. At Swiss Post, we’d like to play our part in changing all that. That’s why we took part in the WeTechTogether conference where the topics discussed included how we can attract more women to IT and tech jobs.

Anke Raich gave a presentation for Swiss Post at the 3rd WeTechTogether conference at the Technopark Zurich. She’s been working as a product owner – Integration Services (ISVC) at Swiss Post for around a year.

On 2 October, the WeTechTogether conference was held for the third time at the Technopark Zurich. This event enables women from the IT/tech sectors to discuss issues, network and discover the latest trends. Various key note speeches inspired participants to explore new topics and technologies. Workshops provided insights into specific areas in an interactive way. There were also once again lots of information stands to visit. We represented Swiss Post on site and held a fascinating workshop on agile product management.

Why did Swiss Post attend the WeTechTogether conference? The answer is obvious: as Switzerland’s third largest IT employer, Swiss Post is always looking for fresh talent in the IT and tech sectors. And we’re far from the only ones on the employment market. The war for talent involves far more employers that you might think. As Swiss Post is mainly known for parcel and letter delivery, people don’t realize we offer great opportunities in IT. Irrespective of the size of our IT operations, Swiss Post is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to fully harness the potential and innovative strength of mixed teams. The proportion of women working in the IT sector across Switzerland is around 18%. This is also the level found at Swiss Post.

Anke Raich (left) and Anila Ljena (right)
Working together to attract more women to Swiss Post IT: Anila Ljena (right) interviewed Anke Raich on ways of encouraging 
more women to pursue careers in IT.

Interview with Anke Raich

Anke Raich underlines just how important women in IT and technology are at the WeTechTogether conference. She’s been working as a product owner – Integration Services (ISVC) at Swiss Post for around a year. At WeTechTogether, she held a workshop on agile product management for conference participants. In a short interview, she explains why there are few women in her sector and identifies the challenges that need to be overcome:

The IT and technology sectors are renowned for a lack of women. Why is that?

Anke Raich: there still isn’t enough awareness about the various roles available within IT. Most people think IT is about development or coding. But a great deal of business acumen is required in addition to core technical skills. Unfortunately, IT also has a reputation for being a male-dominated sector. This might deter some people.

What challenges do women have to overcome to gain a foothold in this sector?

In my view there is a lot of prejudice against women in the sector in terms of qualifications and ability. People often underestimate women in this field; but they can be just as good as men. This can make it difficult for them to position and prove themselves in the companies or teams.

How can we encourage (young) women to focus more on IT or technology?

We need to do a better job of highlighting the wide range of career and development opportunities, as well as the great variety of specialist fields. IT is far more than just coding. It’s an area that requires strong communication and team skills. It’s definitely not just for nerds (she smiles). More entry opportunities need to be provided for young women. For example, providing insights into an agile team can help people to understand the various roles.

How would Swiss Post benefit by increasing the number of women in IT?

I’d go as far to say that having more women in IT could change the perception of Swiss Post in society. And as we all know, a good gender mix of people with different talents can enhance our innovative strength. Women bring a different perspective and prioritize issues and challenges differently to men.

What can Swiss Post offer women in IT?

Swiss Post IT offers tremendous flexibility. We make it possible to achieve a good work-life balance. That’s a huge benefit for both men and women. Just one of many examples is easy reintegration into the world of work after maternity leave.

Speaking with Anke and other female participants shows that there’s limitless potential for women in IT. At Swiss Post, we firmly believe women power in IT will play an increasingly important role in future. And we’re ready for that!

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