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Post E-Health Platform


    Post E-Health Platform

    Post E-Health developer portal

    Welcome to the integration and developer portal of Post E-Health!

    Here you can find information to help you integrate with the Post E-Health platform (PEHP):

    • Connectivity workshop: description and request form for a knowledge, Q&A and hands on session with experts from Post E-Health.
    • Documentation and specifications: to understand the basic concepts and start integration on your own.
    • Code samples and demo environment access.
    • Interfaces overview with a categorization of EPDG-specific transactions, additional transactions and non-relevant/not-usable IHE transactions.
    • Contact form for all other requests.

    The referenced documents describe the generic platform. Community-specific installations can deviate from those descriptions.


    Information for development and integration in the context of the Swiss electronic patient dossier:

    For development and integration in the context E-Health B2B solutions:


    Small helpers for your EPR project

    Frameworks and Libraries

    Frameworks and libraries that can be useful for your EPR project:


    To get in touch with our E-Health developer team, you may use the following form:

    Contact form


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