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Post E-Health Platform

Post E-Health developer portal

Welcome to the developer portal of the Post E-Health platform. This site targets at integrators and developers of the Post E-Health platform in the context of the Swiss electronic patient record (EPR), as well as in the context of other E-Health B2B solutions.

This public portal will help you to understand the generic technical and regulatory framework of the EPR and E-Health.

You can find detailed developer documentation, release notes, API specifications and further technical information about our E-Health products in the closed partner portal.

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Information for development and integration in the context of the Swiss electronic patient dossier:

For development and integration in the context E-Health B2B solutions:


Small helpers for your EPR project

Frameworks and Libraries

Frameworks and libraries that can be useful for your EPR project:


To get in touch with our E-Health developer team, you may use the following form:

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